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Veterans Network United Inc.

United in service. United for change.

The military shapes its employees through a specific culture, which provides the core values and backbone of Veterans Network United, Inc. The success of our work relies heavily on leadership, mission achievement, collaboration, and personal development skills. Learn how Veterans play a vital role.

Many of us volunteer our time to help veterans or families of veterans, and find a deep sense of pride in assisting someone in need. Whether you are a veteran, family member of a veteran, an ally, or just someone who wants to help others, volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community, strengthening its foundation.

Our mission to bridge the gap and fortify the relationship between veterans and their community would not be possible without the generosity of our benefactors. Find out how you can support our actions and take part in our cause.


Veterans Network United, Inc. is a veteran-based, community centered, non-profit initiative focused on strengthening communities through civic engagement. We intend to establish a community resource center for veterans and allies to help veterans reintegrate into the community.


The purpose of Veteran's Network United, Inc.'s membership is to resource the skills, knowledge, and experience of its network to bridge the gaps that impact the growth and development of the community.